Screen printing, also known as silk screening, is the process of transferring a stenciled design onto a surface using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee (a rubber blade). The basic process of screen printing involves creating a stencil on a mesh screen and then pushing the ink to create and imprint the design on the below surface. It is a very popular technique because of many reasons, but the most compelling reason is the vast choice of colors that can be used.

How Does It Work?

Screen printing can be done by hand or using a machine but the basic process is always the same. The differences can be of the type of ink used, its rendered effect and the printed surface.
At 11 Studio prints we work with quality inks that are long lasting and have a soft feel to the touch. At the moment our maximum color capacity is 6 colors per logo. For more color logos, we recommend digital printing.

Artwork for screen printing!

Once we receive your logo, we need to send it to our graphic design team in order to separate the colors ( if your design has more than 1 color ).

Next step involves preparing the screen or screens , which is a complex 24 h process . The screen/screens , need to be prepped with emulsion and then each color element of the logo has to be burned into the screen . After all these steps are completed , we can setup the machine and start the process of printing.

Due to this , screen printing turnaround takes between 3-4 days depending on the quantity of the garments and complexity of the logo.


  • Our printing base cost starts at $6 per color and it adds up to $1 per color. For example, your logo has 4 colors, $6 + $3 = $9 plus the cost of the blank garment.
  • Dark colors garments such as black will require an underlay color of white which will be priced as an additional color.
  • Cost of shirts will vary depending on quality and style. ( ex. T-shirts or Hoodies are not priced the same, Gildan brand tees are more affordable than Bella & Canvas brand tees etc.)
  • We can print up to 13in x 18in designs.
  • Design fees will be included in total price. If the design is already saved in adobe illustrator is the best for us.
  • We can take a jpeg or pdf and design for a fee to match clients ideas for their garment. Fee ranges from $10.00-$50.00 depending on how detailed it is.

Minimum order of 18 garments for one to four color prints - Same design
Minimum order of 30 garments for five or six color prints - Same design